Premium Products for the music community since 1884

More than 130 years of expertise

As a manufacturer and premium distributor we offer the
most premium products and brands for classic string instruments.

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Premium products for the music community since 1884.

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Logo Jargar Strings

The quality of tone for your instruments.

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We care for your instrument!

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Logo Thomastik Infeld Vienna

Strings with the vastest range of tone colors since 1919.

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Logo Willner

Widest range of Metronomes in the world.

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Logo Lapella

Clean and care products for string instruments.

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Logo Titebond

The pro‘s advantage.

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Logo KUN

Exceptional materials to exacting technical and aesthetic standards.

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Logo W.E. Hill & Sons

Violin and bow makers.

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Logo Aubert Lutherie

Chevalets de très haute qualité.

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Viva la Musica

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Logo celloGard

Be safe. Not sorry.

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