GOETZ & LEICHT Carbon Bows

We are excited to announce the new product launch of

/// GOETZ & LEICHT premium carbon bows ///

a joint premium product of

C.A. Götz jr. GmbH & Bow Maker Christian Leicht (www.leicht-bogenbau.de)

The aim of GOETZ & LEICHT carbon bows is to combine a high-performance industrial carbon design with the handcraft skills to create truly unique master bow experience.

After 3 years of development we are excited that this new product line is now available in retails stores.

The GOETZ & LEICHT master-grade carbon bows are currently available in three set-ups:
– new silver & ebony frog
– silver & ebony frog
– silver & composite frog for customs-free travel (!)

Please feel free to contact us for more information: contact us