Innovation Projects

Currently we are pursuing three major innovation initiatives that we would like to introduce.
If you are a technology provider with relevant knowledge in one of the fields please do not hesitate to contact us.

Project “Material Science @ Classic Music”

Material science is one of the most rapidly developing fields of science. Together with our suppliers, technology partners and furthers cooperation partners we are testing materials from other fields of application for the music community. From 3D printing for customized accessories to new carbon-aramid-roover-bows we are exploring various materials and applications. The aim is to develop prototypes for a later integration into production.

Project “Forest Stewardship Initiative // Conrad Götz FSI”

We believe it is of utmost importance for our community to support the CITES regulation to safeguard our global biodiversity. Therefor we have been working with our partners, suppliers, consultants and regulatory bodies to develop a customized best practice company policy to certify the material origin, production and refining process of our products. Currently we implemented this process for more than 70 percent of our products (Mid-2016) and we hope to complete the transition in 2017.
More information about CITES on

Project “Digital Processes 2025”

In cooperation with our IT partners we have developed a completely new business framework to increase our productivity and the precision of our processes. The aim is to leverage the opportunities new technologies and services are offering together with our customers, suppliers and extended partner network. We rework all external interfaces and internal processes targeting a completed networked operations. For our customers this leads to a more precise business service which comes at lower cost. We are proud that the European Union is convinced by our innovative approach.