Conrad Götz Violins

Conrad Götz Violins

Conrad Goetz is the company own premium brand for selected string instruments.

Conrad Goetz violins follow the 130-year tradition of the C. A. Götz jr. company in craftsmanship and design. The violine programme has been redesigned in 2014 to meet the musicians requirements of today.

The Conrad Goetz violin programme consists of seven violin series. The violins are made in different quality grades in terms of tonewood quality and time and effort of craftsmanship for the production of the individual instrument. Every violin detail is modeled around a purpose, from wood selection to body craftsmanship, including varnish, strings, chinrest, pegs, bridge, tailpiece, and fine-tuner.

BAM Cases

The French brand BAM stands for cutting-edge musical instrument cases.

BAM cases are available for violin, viola, cello, wind instruments and guitars. The instrument cases by BAM are trendsetting in design and technology. They combine contemporary, modern urban design with innovative, ultra light materials.

With more than 20 product lines, BAM offers a wide variety of designs, forms, materials and colors.

C.A. Götz jr. presents the brand BAM in Germany for more than 30 years. Find more information on our Online Product Hub platform for retailer and workshops

GOETZ & LEICHT Carbon Bows

We are excited to announce the new product launch of

/// GOETZ & LEICHT premium carbon bows ///

a joint premium product of

C.A. Götz jr. GmbH & Bow Maker Christian Leicht (

The aim of GOETZ & LEICHT carbon bows is to combine a high-performance industrial carbon design with the handcraft skills to create truly unique master bow experience.

After 3 years of development we are excited that this new product line is now available in retails stores.

The GOETZ & LEICHT master-grade carbon bows are currently available in three set-ups:
– new silver & ebony frog
– silver & ebony frog
– silver & composite frog for customs-free travel (!)

Please feel free to contact us for more information: contact us



All natural intense care for classic string instruments.

Lapella® is the company own premium cleaning and care line for classical stringed instruments. All Lapella® products are produced with natural ingredients.

Established in 1889, the brand’s signature product is Lapella® Rosin, which is still made by hand today. Lapella® Gold Rosin No. 20 is available for violin, viola and cello today.

C.A. Götz jr. recently developed further all natural Lapella products, such as the Intense Fingerboard Recovery Oil, a Peg Compound, and the brand new product: Cleaning Wipes for Fingerboards and Strings.

String Instrument Accessories

Adjusters, bows, chinrests, pegs, tailpieces and more premium accessories for classic string instruments. Only selected products carry the seal of the company own brand Conrad Goetz.

Since 1884, C.A. Götz jr. contineously developed and expanded its range of accessory products for string instruments. The accessory programme is tailored in active dialogue with instrument makers, craftsmen and musicians to meet the specific requirements of today’s music community. Luthiers and instrument makers around the world use the accessories for the fitting of their instruments.

Selected materials and outstanding quality are the requirements for bows of the Conrad Goetz brand. The bows are available for violin, viola, cello and double bass.

The Conrad Goetz accessory line also offers premium chinrests, tailpieces, pegs and fine tuners. Further high quality products by selected brands and manufacturers complete the accessory programme.

Get to know the brand new Conrad Goetz accessory website
For more information about Conrad Goetz bows, please use the contact form


C.A. Götz jr. is a longtime supplier of premium seasoned and particularly well-aged tonewood.

For more information about ebony, maple, spruce, rosewood and other special woods for string instruments, please use our contact form or contact us by email.

Tools and Workshop Provisions

The cooperation with music instrument makers and workshops was the reason for C.A. Götz jr. to add special tools for producing and repairing high quality musical instruments to the product portfolio. Today, the range of products includes tools for wind instruments (wood and brass) as well as classical string instruments.

To order the catalogue for string instrument tools and accessories, please use the contact form.
The wind instrument tools catalogue is currently exclusively available in German.

Titebond® Wood Glue

Titebond® wood glue by Franklin set standards in woodworking. Titebond® is used by leading manufacturers of the woodworking industry, by craftsmen and in workshops of musical instrument makers.

Titebond® Original Wood Glue provides strong initial tack and a very short setting time. Titebond® wood glue bonds stronger than wood itself.

The Titebond® product range is perfectly fitting all requirements of modern woodworking. It offers classic wood glues, molding and trim glue als well as instant glues especially designed for woods.

C.A. Götz jr. presents Titebond® wood glues in Germany for more than 40 years.
Smaller amounts of Titebond® are available in the Online Shop.

Antiques and old Violins

C.A. Götz jr. GmbH has a long tradition in trading with old master violins in Germany.

C.A. Götz jr. offers a fine selection of old violins of premium quality. All instruments are thoroughly reviewed.

Please contact us to know more about our current range of these unique specimen: contact